“Leave Your Hat On” Gala a Great Success!

The Grassharper Foundation is proud to announce that the “Leave Your Hat On” Gala event exceeded set goals and expectations. With over 130 guests in attendance we were honored to have so many close friends, supporters, and family making our dreams a reality. This year we raised over $21,000 and strengthened our relationship with a wonderful organization: Help4Cancer.net.

It is the mission of Help4Cancer.net to provide a comprehensive and broad information gateway that improves knowledge, offers support, and connects cancer patients and survivors. The Grassharper Foundation is a strong supporter of early testing for cancer.

The Grassharper Foundation would like to give our heartfelt thanks for all of the supporters and donors. Your support helps us to continue towards our goal of supporting children, families, and community.

In addition, we’d like to give a quick update about Michael Jr. who is doing much better after his car accident the night of the event. Unfortunately, his car that he worked so hard on is totaled, but we are off looking for a new set of wheels.


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